Technology and Markets


New technology is introduced weekly that solves problems, improves work processes, and speeds workflow. Technology is a tool that helps us live and work better, live safer and healthier, and allows us to be more productive with our time.

We use many forms of technology.

win logosMicrosoft® Windows® is the dominant computer operating system used in business, and Microsoft Office® products are the de facto standard for office productivity applications. Windows 10 now provides more performance, security, and function than previous desktop operating systems, and enables the latest applications to run more smoothly.

Vandy supports and maintains the latest Microsoft products for networks, servers, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Please contact us if you have any questions about using Microsoft's new products and technology in your business.

For reference, Microsoft Lifecycle for Windows desktop versions are:
    Vista - End of Mainstream Support on April 10, 2012, Extended Support ends on April 11, 2017;
    7 - End of Mainstream Support on January 13, 2015, Extended Support ends on January 14, 2020;
    8.1 - End of Mainstream Support on January 9, 2018, Extended Support ends on January 10, 2023;
    10 - End of Mainstream Support on October 13, 2020, Extended Support ends on October 14, 2025.

Though Mainstream Support for Windows Vista and 7 has ended, you still receive automatic fixes and updates online for those Windows versions until the Extended Support date. You should consider upgrading to Windows 8.1 or 10 for Mainstream Support. Now that Windows 10 is released, Windows 7 and 8.1 can be upgraded to Windows 10 'free' for one year after the July 29, 2015 release date.

E-mail systems and messaging are nearly mandatory for businesses today. E-mail messaging usage equals and sometimes exceeds telephone communications in many businesses, and is critical for many client and vendor communiqués. For some, standard online e-mail service is fine, while enterprise e-mail service can offer shared contacts and calendars that improve group collaboration. Text messaging between mobile devices and office desktops extend the channels of communication, and can improve business and client responsive. To meet the latest e-mail and text messaging demands, the latest technology is often required. Please contact us if you have any questions about e-mail and text messaging systems.

Health Care - Doctors, clinics, and health care groups are always looking to new technologies to improve services for their patients, and optimize patience care and billing processes. Paperless practice systems are common in today's health services, and protection of patient data is mandatory while sharing information within the health care community. Systems like MaximEyes® and DentalMate® are some of the systems Vandy helps maintain for health care providers. Please contact us if you are considering or using new technology within your health care organization.

Multimedia - Marketing groups, media providers, graphics designers, and website creators need high-performance computer systems, high-speed networks, and large storage systems to produce and maintain their products and services. Please contact us and let Vandy setup and maintain these technologies in your productive work environment. 

Legal - Law firms are document centric organizations. Creating, revising, tracking, and publishing legal documents are critical to an efficient legal organization. Document management systems and law libraries mated with high-speed networks and large storage systems are critical in this environment. Vandy has supported these essential technologies for legal organizations. Please contact us for assistance with your law firm.

Retail and Service - All retail and service businesses need an efficient network with Internet access, file sharing and printing, application and database storage, trouble-free computers, e-mail service, and usually their own Internet domain. More and more, these technology elements are considered "the basics" for even small businesses. Organizing schedules, sharing project files, and messaging with customers, vendors, and contractors are essential to running businesses efficiently. Please contact us and let Vandy setup and maintain your business essential technologies.

Microsoft, Windows, and Office are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. MaximEyes is a registered trademark of First Insight Corporation. DentalMate is a registered trademark of DentalMate.